Archie“I have used Woodland Dogs over the past 7 years to look after my dogs whilst I am at work. Originally Janine looked after Archie (an older golden retriever from America) and initially came and collected him from home and returned him after his walks. He always looked forward to Janine’s visits but enjoyed it even more when I was able to drop him off on my way to work and pick him up in the evening. This was really convenient for me as I knew he was ‘entertained’ for the whole day. Janine took care of him after an operation on his cruciate tendon as he was unable to go on the long walks for a while. He still needed to be with his ‘friends at school though.
When Archie passed away my new boy ‘Jackson’, who was rather wild as he was from another Goldie rescue, but this time from Sarajevo and had never been on a lead, went to doggie school with Janine when I am at work. He is known as ‘Jackson the hooligan’ but loves doggie school so much that he barks all the way in the mornings and probably can be heard the whole route.   I know how excited he is in going. I like watching the regular videos that Janine provides so I know that he is having a good time.   
Recently I fell and broke my wrist. I immediately phoned Janine who came to my home straight away and collected him and looked after him until I was able to take care of him myself.
I thoroughly recommend Janine and her doggie day care to anyone considering how to either look after their dogs while they are at work or giving them that extra bit of canine company and pack stimulation that dogs require.”