FudgeI have known Janine for a long time.  My first dog Lexy [Rottweiler from RSPCA rescue] has been with Woodlands Dogs for a number of years.  Lexy had serious behavioral problems when it came to other dogs and no social skills whatsoever.  I was very reluctant to expose Lexy to any other dogs in the fear of a fight breaking out but Janine did her ‘dog whispering thing’ and he became one of the pack without any problems and become much more manageable at home as he really enjoyed the interaction with the other dogs and also a more content animal.  We had to unfortunately stop going to Woodlands as Janine stopped the pick-up from home service and I was working from London and could not get him to Copthorne – the traffic in East Grinstead become so grid locked that the dogs spent most of their time in the van instead of walking in the fields which was no longer a viable option especially in the summer months therefore her having cancelled the pick-up from home service.  Lexy could hear Janine’s van coming from miles away as he got so excited!!
Lexy had unfortunately passed away from cancer and we’ve gained a new little chap in our lives called Fudge and I’ve also managed to get a job closer to home.  It was without any hesitation that I got in touch with Janine again where she kindly agreed to take Fudge on a weekly basis.  Fudge is a 17 weeks old Golden Doodle and requires all the social interaction we can possibly give him to ensure he turns out a well-balanced dog as we take him everywhere with us.  When I drop him off in the mornings he absolutely drags Janine back into her house as he cannot wait to play with all his mates, something which makes me feel super embarrassed as he looks like a lunatic but also gives me the comfort in knowing that he is extremely happy and well taken care off.  I love the way Janine has that special bond with Fudge and makes all our animals part of her household when we are work, it’s like a home away from home.  One of the highlights for us is to see the video’s on Facebook on how the different dogs interact with each other so that we can have an idea what they are all up to in the day. 
I will recommend anyone who cares about their dog’s wellbeing to leave their dog in the care of Woodlands Dogs without any hesitation.