123Henry has been going to Woodland Dogs for over 5 years. We chose Woodlands Dogs as they stood out as being able to offer a unique experience compared to other walking services in the area. Our main priorities for Henry were safety, socialization and exercise.
Safety. Woodland Dogs ONLY walk the dogs on private land and when the weather is bad there is an indoor barn for them to charge about in.
Socialization. I wanted Henry to mix with other dogs off the lead.  I found Woodland Dogs after having just had a baby and I didn’t want Henry to miss out on long walks. Her recall is terrible and I had visions of me running across a field after her dragging a buggy behind me.
Exercise: I didn’t want Henry to be in a van for hours on end whilst other dogs were being picked up and dropped off. Woodlands Dogs is like Dog School, I drop her off early morning and pick her up in the evening. When she is not being walked with the other waggies she has outdoor area (which is joined to the main house rather than at the end of the garden in a kennel or shed) to play with the other day care dogs. When it is cold or the dogs need a rest they are brought into the owners house.  
Woodland Dogs is an excellent place to send your dogs for home from home care run by Janine who (although it is her business) cares for the dogs like they are her own.”
Emma Marmara