Janine came to my rescue some years ago after I had hurt my knee which meant exercising Layla was virtually impossible for a while. At that time Janine would collect her first thing and return about mid-day. Layla had obviously had a wonderful time and couldn’t wait to go again. Even once I was able to walk properly again I kept Layla’s ‘play day’ with Janine.
There came a time when Janine decided to change the way she operated and informed us that instead of her collecting and dropping off we would now have to do this. She explained that she wanted to spend more time walking the dogs instead of driving around, especially in Summer when she didn’t want dogs in her van any longer than necessary, also instead of just half a day this would increase to a full day for the same charge. Whilst I was not entirely happy with this thought ie I was going to have to do something, I realised, on reflection, that Layla would actually gain a lot from this arrangement with far less travelling and more importantly what she really needed more contact with other dogs. Janine really does put the dogs in her care first. We never looked back.
Janine’s experience is vast and I would be amazed if she could not help with any problem you were having with your dog. She will always help and has supported us on many occasions with sound advice. Whilst the benefit to the waggies is wonderful for me, as an owner, it is to know that Layla is in a safe pair of hands, with someone who knows dogs so well, stands no nonsense from them and has access to different safe areas for them to exercise, both indoors and out.
I cannot recommend her highly enough and I’d be more than happy to talk anybody that would like to hear first hand just how good Janine and Woodland Dogs are.
Frances & Tom Lancaster