Archie“I have used Woodland Dogs over the past 7 years to look after my dogs whilst I am at work. Originally Janine looked after Archie (an older golden retriever from America) and initially came and collected him from home and returned him after his walks. He always looked forward to Janine’s visits but enjoyed it even more when I was able to drop him off on my way to work and pick him up in the evening. This was really convenient for me as I knew he was ‘entertained’ for the whole day. Janine took care of him after an operation on his cruciate tendon as he was unable to go on the long walks for a while. He still needed to be with his ‘friends at school though.
When Archie passed away my new boy ‘Jackson’…Read more

Fudge“I have known Janine for a long time.  My first dog Lexy [Rottweiler from RSPCA rescue] has been with Woodlands Dogs for a number of years.  Lexy had serious behavioral problems when it came to other dogs and no social skills whatsoever.  I was very reluctant to expose Lexy to any other dogs in the fear of a fight breaking out but Janine did her ‘dog whispering thing’ and he became one of the pack without any problems and become much more manageable at home as he really enjoyed the interaction with the other dogs and also a more content animal…Read more

123“Henry has been going to Woodland Dogs for over 5 years. We chose Woodlands Dogs as they stood out as being able to offer a unique experience compared to other walking services in the area. Our main priorities for Henry were safety, socialization and exercise. Safety. Woodland Dogs ONLY walk the dogs on private land and when the weather is bad there is an indoor barn for them to charge about in…Read more

 123“Sending our dog to Janine was the absolute making of him. Harry (yes, THAT Harry !) had a difficult start in life, being born with a hernia and suffering from various other heath issues which took a lot of time and love to put right. He therefore hadn’t had any socialisation with other dogs. We both work full time, and Harry needed to learn to be a dog. Cue Janine…Read more

Freya“We have been taking Freya our 10 year old labradoodle to Janine’s for nearly four years now, she goes 3-4 days a week and absolutely loves it. The dogs are taken on long walks where they can play and just have fun. Also as Janine has access to her own sand school for wet days no matter what the weather the dogs are exercised each day without fail…Read more

 “Janine came to my rescue some years ago after I had hurt my knee which meant exercising Layla was virtually impossible for a while. At that time Janine would collect her first thing and return about mid-day. Layla had obviously had a wonderful time and couldn’t wait to go again. Even once I was able to walk properly again I kept Layla’s ‘play day’ with Janine…Read more

Amber.JPG“Our 4 year old mixed breed Greek rescue started attending day care at Woodland Dogs shortly after we adopted her. Our aim was to enhance Amber’s dog social skills as she had been in a no kill rescue centre in Greece for over 3 years…Read more

Archie & Jensen“Janine has looked after my two spaniels in day care for four years. They both love going to Janine’s every morning and cry all the way home when I’ve collected them, they just want to stay…Read more

11“My boys have been going to woodland Dogs for 5 years now, Janine is fab and the boys love her to bits.  I use her for day care, boarding and also because my Chocolate Labrador is on steroids he does go to Doggy Fat Camp from time to time when the weight goes up a bit too high the camp helps bring him back under control…Read more

Ralph.JPG“My 2 year old Labradoodle ‘Ralph’ has been a regular at Woodland Dogs for over a year now and I’m delighted with the care, attention and exercise that he receives. 
Janine treats Ralph like one of her own dogs – he’s looked after in her own home (lovely when the weather is bad!) and he’s never left alone…Read more